Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation helps those suffering from excessive debt

The foundation provides free legal services for those who qualify

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On Saturday, dozens of people gathered for a private dinner at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Springfield to help raise funds for people deep in debt.

The Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation helps people get out of debt. The foundation provides free legal services for those who qualify. Qualifications include you own no assets and are in need of severe financial help, according to Chairman Richard Ravosa.

Attorney Richard Ravosa said that, after a seeing a study, he realized there was a need to assist people in debt. The study motivated him to expand his business and bring on more lawyers to help Massachusetts residents suffering from debt. Ravosa noted that his clients file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Ravosa told 22News, “It’s over in about 3-4 months. It requires typically only one appearance with a trustee, who ask questions about the case and after that, we do the rest of the work behind scenes.”

Their mission is to improve the quality of life for people buried in excessive debt.

One client, Miranda Orcutt, told 22News, “I had my nephew placed with me, and so I had to take some time off of work to meet his medical and mental health needs. During that time, I couldn’t pay my bills, like I was doing before.”

Orcutt noted that the program treated her with dignity, respect, and got her out of debt.

“I’m going to be buying a house soon,” she told 22News.

If you’re suffering from debt, visit the Debt Relief Foundation’s website.