Will Trump supporters accept a Clinton win?

Nearly all Trump supporters say they will stick with him win or lose

(CNN) – With just five days left until Election Day, Donald Trump’s supporters are confronting a tough question. What happens if he loses?

Donald Trump, “Attack, attack, attack. We will never accept defeat!”

The republican nominee has sown doubts about the integrity of the electoral process.

Trump, “It’s a rigged system folks.”

Fueling fears of a dishonest democracy.

Trump, “Hillary’s corruption is a threat to democracy, and the only way to stop it is for you, on November 8th, to show up at the polls and vote.”

Has refused to say that he would accept the results of the election.

Trump, “What I’m saying is that I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense. OK?”

It’s not just the candidate. A small but vocal group of high profile trump supporters are firing verbal warning shots steeped in violent imagery of post-election unrest from republican sheriffs.

Sheriff David Clarke, of Greenbay said, “Its pitchforks and torches time in America”

To former congressmen Johnson, “It’s time for people on the right to engage in civil disobedience, it’s time to boycott, picket maybe even stop paying taxes.”

And conservative radio hosts.

Wayne Root, “welcome, to the Trump revolution!! We’re coming to tear it down, we’re coming to rip it up and we’re coming to kick your ass!!”

The incendiary rhetoric is being echoed by some trump supporters.

“Are you saying that we can’t? If it actually happened are you saying we can’t? Isn’t that what DC is for to breathe our frustration.”

This man telling the wall street journal he’d take matters into his own hands if Clinton is elected.

“There’s going to be probably a movement where we will go and take them out of power.”

It sounds like you’re saying it would be acceptable to assassinate a president?

“If she’s corrupt, why should she be able to stay in office?”

So has this historic election really come down to win, lose or draw?

Not at all, says Wayne Root, who insists his fiery speeches before Trump rallies aren’t meant as a literal call to arms.

Wayne Root, “No one is going to Washington to actually burn it down. No one is going to actually tear it down. But I think you can go and fire a lot of people.”

On the campaign trail most trump loyalists say if Hillary Clinton ends up winning, they will be much more likely to retreat from the political process than to riot against it.

“I will be very upset. I will cry. And I probably will never vote again.”

“I will accept the results. I may not stay living in the US. But I will accept the results. I’d rather leave the country than get involved in a revolution.”

Nearly all Trump supporters say they will stick with him win or lose. Whatever his next steps might be, including another possible presidential bid.

“I’d like to see him run again in 2020. I think he could do something.”