Wildwood Elementary students to ratify their very own Constitution

The ratification will take place during an all-school assembly.

The Wildwood School in Amherst is seen here in a WWLP file image from January 2016.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The students at Wildwood Elementary School in Amherst gathered for an all-school assembly that simulated a constitutional convention. The students, acting as delegates, learned about what it was like to put together our nation’s founding historical document. Then they drafted their own classroom rules, debated them and signed agreements that they finalized on Friday.

Constitutions in hand, the kids were proud to share their teamwork alongside community political leaders like State Rep. Ellen Story, Solomon Goldstein-Rose. Amherst Fire Chief Tim Nelson, Police Chief Scott Livingstone, Superintendent Michael Morris and Town Manager Paul Bockelman also attended the event.

“Back then, we made rules for America,” Naia Grais and Ella Hinkel told 22News. “But we want to make safety and rules that feel comfortable for people for our school. Rules like include everyone and respect other ideas and try hard and don’t give up.”

The kids told 22News that, although they are still young, they wanted to show that politics doesn’t always have to be about disagreements. They wanted to make a constitution that made everyone feel safe and equal.