U.S. monitoring pre-election terror threats

The department of homeland security's cyber command center are now monitoring multiple threats

(CNN) – U.S. law enforcement monitoring several potential cyber and terror threats targeting the election. With just days to go until the election, there are growing fears and a new report about a possible Al Qaeda terror plot in the works.

US officials are also monitoring potential threats from Russian hackers.

Tonight, growing concerns that Russia is waging an information operation to sow doubts about the u-s election, several u-s officials tell CNN.

Jeh Johnson, of Homeland Security Secretary said, “This is something that the Department of Homeland Security, along with state election officials, have been very, very focused on. I have a lot of confidence in the integrity of our ballot counting process. I have a lot of confidence in the security and cyber security around the process run by state and local election officials.”

Here at the department of homeland security’s cyber command center, they are now monitoring multiple threats.

There’s growing concern that more hacked documents and emails targeting campaigns could be released in the coming days, including potentially, documents faked or altered by Russia.

The US has also detected the probing of state voter registration systems, at least one of which has been linked to Russia, though they have yet to see those systems tampered with.

DHS is now coordinating efforts with 48 states to prevent hacks scanning computer systems to identify vulnerabilities.

However, US officials and cyber experts make clear that the risk of actually changing the election result is miniscule.

Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike said, “These machines are mostly offline, there’s paper ballots that can be checked in most of these places and verified that the electronic result matches to what is printed on the ballot. So it’s almost impossible to actually hack this election, but it’s certainly possible for someone to claim it’s hacked and to try to influence the public that way.”

Still, sowing doubt and disrupting the voting process is easier. The department will monitor for so-called denial of service attacks targeting voter information, mapping and news websites.

Friday, the Russian-linked hacking group Guccifer tweeted what appeared to be a threat:

“I’ll be an independent observer at the U.S. #Elections2016. I call on other hackers to monitor the elections from inside the system.”

This, minutes after another tweet accusing democrats of rigging the vote. This as law enforcement officials already on high alert are monitoring intercepted conversations among Al Qaeda adherents overseas about potential plots targeting New York, Texas and Virginia. But officials stress the threat is non-specific, and could be idle chatter.

James O’Neill, NYPD Police Commissioner mentioned, “It’s not specific and right now assessing the credibility of it. But we are geared up to go all the time.”