Revolutionary War-era grave markers refurbished in Wilbraham

Markers at East Wilbraham Cemetery are now legible

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Preparations continue for the observance of Veterans Day next Friday. Veterans groups are making certain that a flag is placed at every veteran’s gravesite in western Massachusetts.

At the East Wilbraham Cemetery, veterans’ gravestones dating back to the Revolutionary War are now spotless, thanks to Boy Scouts restoring the 18th Century monuments as Eagle Scout projects.

“Well, prior to the cleaning, we were not able to read the inscriptions, and now everything is more visible and now our history is being brought up to date,” Wilfred Renaud of the Wilbraham Cemetery Commission said.

“Some of the stands holding the flags date back to the Revolutionary War, and they’re kind of historic. We’re trying to be doing the best we can,” said Donald Bourcier of the Wilbraham Cemetery Commission.

The East Wilbraham Cemetery first became hallowed ground in the year 1779, while the Revolutionary War was still going on.