Air pollution kills children around the world

Around 600-thousand children under the age of five die each year

(CNN) – The United Nations children’s fund has issued a new report about air pollution and the dangers it presents to children around the world. They say bad air is more than just unsightly. It can kill.

Unicef says air pollution kills more children yearly than malaria and HIV aids combined. The organization is calling on world leaders to reduce air pollution in order to save kids’ lives. Unicef recently released a report called “clean the air for children.”

It says that around 600-thousand children under the age of five die each year from diseases either caused or exacerbated by air pollution, especially in poor nations.

The report was released ahead of the UN climate change conference in morocco. It asks leaders at the conference to take four steps:

  • Reduce pollution by reducing the use of fossil fuel and investing in energy efficiency.
  • Increase children’s access to healthcare
  • Minimize children’s exposure to air pollution

And improve monitoring of pollutants in the atmosphere. According to the world health organization, around two billion children live in places where outdoor air pollution exceeds w-h-o air quality guidelines. Mostly in developing countries.