Is your phone battery safe? Why lithium ion batteries may explode

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued because the phones started bursting into flames.

The company at first blamed it on a battery issue, prompting a worldwide recall.

Whether it’s an Android or iPhone many may be wondering if the battery in their phone is safe to carry around.

Almost every phone, even the one you might be scrolling through right now, is most likely powered by a thin lithium ion battery.

“It has the lightest weight and most charge,” Larry Zimbler, from Libertek, said.

It’s the same battery installed in one million Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s that were recalled across the country.

The tech behind the batteries is not going to go away anytime soon because companies continue to push the limit to pack more energy into smaller handheld devices.

“Because they take on so much power and take it on so fast, if there’s a problem, they get hot.”

Zimbler says that can be a problem. He says battery issues have caused other devices, smart phones, and even tablets to catch on fire or explode.

Cases like that are rare and no other brand has had a major defect like Samsung.

There are things you can do to make sure your phone doesn’t overheat and explode like putting it somewhere where it gets better ventilation, taking it out of its case occasionally to keep it from overheating, leaving it out of direct sunlight, and after it’s fully charged to unplug it.

Zimbler says dropping a phone can be damaging, but a few drops causing scratches may be fine. However, if your phone gets bent, the battery may get damaged and explode.

Also, if you’re looking to buy a new charger, get it directly from the vendor.

“If it’s an Apple buy an Apple charger that says Apple on the box. The same thing with Samsung.”

That’s because counterfeit chargers could overheat your phone or catch on fire.

If you think the hardware inside your phone can’t get any thinner, think again.

“It’s not that thick and they’re going to get thinner.”