Chilling video shows prelude to murder of pregnant woman

Chief: ‘We did everything we could’

(WOOD) New documents detailing the investigation into the 2014 Wyoming, Michigan Craigslist killings help explain why police waited five hours outside Brady Oestrike’s home, not knowing victim Brooke Slocum was inside.

Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said Thursday that the wait did not make a difference in the outcome because he believes Oestrike had already killed Slocum and her unborn child.

“There’s only one person responsible for Brooke Slocum’s death and her baby’s death and that’s Brady Oestrike. Period,” the chief said.

He said there was no way police could have known that Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, had been held and abused for five days in Oestrike’s home.

“Had we known that she was in there, we would have gone through that door in a heartbeat,” Carmody said.

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