Barbieri announcing plan to review handling of internal investigations

The Springfield Police Commissioner made the announcement on Friday

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri announced Friday that he will be seeking proposals from outside experts to examine the policies, practices, and related processes within the department’s Internal Investigation Unit and to make recommendations for improvements wherever needed.

Commissioner Barbieri also noted he has taken steps to increase supervision of IIU by transferring a Lieutenant to help in reviewing IIU reports.

He also indicated the Police Department is in the process of reviewing new specialized software for the purpose of tracking and analyzing police misconduct complaints.

Commissioner Barbieri said:

These measures will assure that the Police Department provides our citizens with the best public service in regards to the critical component of internal affairs policies, practices and processes by establishing progressive criterions in line with national standards.  Starting on the day I swore my oath as Commissioner, I have worked to improve the department through interactions with professional organizations such as the International Chiefs of Police and the Police Executive Research Forum to seek counsel and recommendations for improvement where necessary.”

Barbieri has asked the City’s Chief Procurement Officer to issue a request for proposals for submissions. They include an approach for the collection of information from stakeholders, review and analyze current policies, procedures and training, and identify areas of superior performance as well as indicate areas for improvement.