Wear yourself- without the body guilt or shame

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect time to prepare ourselves to wear ourselves – without the body guilt or shame. Our Visual Intuitive Guide, Terry Standish from Eyeforfashionct.com helped us channel our inner closet and helped us to become more comfortable in the skin we are in.

1) Choosing to Wear your Thoughts and Feelings First – It is up to us to decide before we even begin to get dressed and ready, how we are going to think and feel about this body. By loving and accepting it as it is today this will set the tone and the stage for how we will feel about everything around us. The thoughts and feelings if chosen out of love will bring us a better outcome for ourselves and everyone around us. Love will feel like a hug we get to wear throughout the season. If the feeling feels bad on us, this is not love and not our truth.

2) Add yourself and your needs to the list of priorities: We are not more important than others, we are just as important as the rest. When we focus on making the holidays special for others and forget to pay attention to what makes them special for us we begin the holiday through lenses of resentment. Our body and its needs are meant to be part of the celebration too!

3) Meeting up with your new expectations: Everything is already perfect, including ourselves. By going with the flow of where we are now, we will be able to make better choices that allow us that chance to enjoy even the biggest hiccups and bumps in the road. Remember the funniest and most memorable things happen when they didn’t go as planned and we let go of the unplanned outcome.

4) Prepare your Mood: Have your clothing picked out ahead of time and allow yourself enough time to get yourself ready each day and on that special holiday day. Begin with being present in the moment and enjoying that state of nurturing yourself. Be well rested, have fun and enjoy planning and preparing all that you are going to be doing. This is what is remembered most and not the details we often focus on. Your mood will help you handle even the most stressful situations with much more love and grace. The mood and the vibe is what we leave behind and matters, not the little outcome that wasn’t perfect in our mind.

5) Wear what is Comfortable: Being comfortable in the skin we are in also means wearing our taste of clothing that is pleasing to the touch, visually and emotionally appealing to our own eyes. We all want pictures that reflect all the love and joy we have found which includes that joy within you. This makes for the very best pictures and memories for us all.

Have fun preparing and being totally present in your body, which is the best present you can give us all, including you.