The cost of fast food

Fast food places attract customers for their convenience and low cost.

Photo: Thinkstock

Dietitian Alyssa Sorenson says a majority of her clients are willing to make a positive change in their eating habits, the problem is they don’t know how to work healthy meals into their busy lives.

“The drive-thru is super convenient, super easy and especially with our crazy schedules today, going through the drive-thru and grabbing that easy quick meal for our whole family is something that many Americans rely on,” Sorenson said.

Jodi Batsle is not only a busy mom of two teens who are both involved in sports but she also works full time. With a jam packed schedule, going the cheap route and hitting the drive-thru at least once a day was a no brainer.

“I would get a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee, a large because they are like two dollars. Then on the way home if I didn’t have time to cook dinner I would get fast food, or a pizza or whatever was handy,” Batsle said.

Her story is common for many families. Taking them time, effort and money to shop at the grocery store can seem daunting. Something Batsle says she found her kids picking up from her.

“My kids would even say can we get fast food. My daughter has stopped saying this but she would say do you feel like cooking because she didn’t want me to cook she wanted to go drive through somewhere,” Batsle said.

Batsle says if your family sounds similar, there’s is hope in breaking this habit. She noticed her entire family gaining weight and wanted to make a change. So she signed up for a dietitian program and stopped eating fast food nearly one year ago, losing 92 pounds.

“You’re worth it. That any change you make for your health or your kids healthy you’re worth it,” Batsle said.

Sorenson says a great way to break the habit of choosing the cheap, convenient junk food choice is to change your mindset. She says don’t focus on those two factors when you make a decision on what to eat.

“If the food that you’re choosing is good for you, is it going to contribute to my overall health? Is it going to make my kids feel healthier or have more energy? I think that should be the focus,” Batsle said.