Southwick’s oldest voter cast her vote

Southwick's oldest voter Florence Warriner cast her early vote Thursday.

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Southwick’s oldest voter Florence Warriner cast her early vote Thursday. Florence Warriner can’t quite remember the names of all the presidential candidates she’s voted for since the 1930’s in her home state of Wisconsin, or here in Southwick since 1958.

florence-warriner-2That didn’t stop her from voting in Southwick’s final day of early voting. Florence has no patience for those who don’t get out and vote.

Florence Warriner, of Southwick, 104 years old told 22News, “Well I think they’re missing out on a lot. Keeping up with the times, they have to do that and they have to vote.”

Just last week Southwick’s second oldest voter, 103 year old Bernardin Battistoni cast her ballot.

Southwick council on aging” director Cindy Sullivan said she hopes these women serve as an inspiration. “I think it’s important for people to see that if a 104 year old woman can make arrangements to get here, not easy to make the arrangements, should take the opportunity to vote in this election.”

Florence is a proud voter and just as proud of her voting record as a Southwick resident having voted in every election since she came to town in 1958.