Pornography plot lands cop in hot water

Moore hasn't been charged with anything

(WNYT) A Schenectady, New York police sergeant is suspended with pay after being caught up in an alleged scheme to buy cars with fraudulent checks.

The Schenectady police chief is also looking into a breach of the police code of conduct. Sgt. Jonathan Moore says he was moonlighting as a porn star.

Moore hasn’t been charged with anything. It’s his boyfriend, Anthony Aubin, who’s in Albany County Jail. Aubin allegedly tried to buy luxury cars for the couple with fake checks.

In a sworn statement with the Colonie Police Department, Moore says Aubin offered to get him into the porn industry. Moore expected to get a $400,000 paycheck from porn site FratX and Aubin wanted to hook them up with a new Jaguar and Range Rover. However, police say Aubin gave a fake $92,000 check to Capital Luxury Cars.

“The car dealership and our investigators were able to determine that check was, in fact, completely bogus. It’s a counterfeit forged check,” explained Lt. Robert Winn with Colonie Police.

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