Police: Mom sent video of dead son to father

Clark is currently facing criminal homicide and attempted homicide charges

*Warning. This item contains material that some viewers may find disturbing due to the graphic nature.***  

(CNN) – A Pennsylvania woman is accused of murdering her own baby…but it gets more disturbing than that.

Police say she also sent texts and a video about the murder to the child’s father.

Look at him…he’s precious. 17 month old André Price – a sweet, cute and defenseless little boy.

Even so, police say his mother, 21 year Christian Clark, smothered the boy on an air mattress. And that’s not all:

Supt. Coleman McDonough of the Allegheny County Police said, “We also learned that she attempted to smother her two year old daughter.”

And one graphic text message from Clark to the kids’ father explained: “sucks that it was easy to kill my favorite but ya (expletive) of a daughter just wont stop breathing lungs must be strong i’m sure it’ll hurt me once i’m sitting in jail”

Police believe she did it because of anger towards the kids’ father – André Price – whom she believed was cheating on her.

Throughout the night, she kept texting Price and telling him: “ya kids aint safe here i don’t want them here, so you better pray for your kids. Im killing them ”

Supt. McDonough said, “She was sending them before the act, at the time of the act and following the act as well.”

Later, she texts the father a video of his sons lifeless body – saying: “and i wasn’t even gonna send you videos but pretty sure ya son is legit dead so (expletive) it. I’m going to jail either way hope it was worth it. You were never coming here now you got a dead kid.”

McDonough said, “She was angry. She suspected him of some romantic involvement. It’s quite an exchange. It’s pages and pages of texts.”

The texts become more chilling, once it was clear the baby is dead, she writes: “look at it this way you never have to deal with me again and you only have one kid to worry about. You were never coming here. Andre is dead cus daddy couldn’t tell the truth.”

Finally, there’s a sign of remorse when she texts, “i really snapped this time. Sorry i did this swear to god i didn’t mean to.”

Clark is currently facing criminal homicide and attempted homicide charges.

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