Police: 26 civilians dead in Afghan raid killing 2 US troops

Afghanistan authorities say the raid by U.S. and Afghan forces killed 65 Taliban fighters

3d rendering of an old and dirty Afghanistan flag waving; Thinkstock

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan police official says 26 civilians are dead after an assault that killed two U.S. service members.

Gen. Qasim Jangalbagh of Kunduz province says some of the dead after the assault on Thursday included members of a Taliban fighter’s family.

Jangalbagh says the raid by U.S. and Afghan forces killed 65 Taliban fighters, including two commanders for the insurgency.

NATO earlier announced the killing of two U.S. service members and the wounding of two others in the raid.

Both NATO and the Pentagon declined to immediately give further details about the operation or discuss the civilian casualties.

NATO’s combat operations ended in Afghanistan at the end of 2014, a move that put Afghan forces in charge of the country’s security.

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