More than 1,000 turn out for early voting in Southampton

If you didn't vote today, you'll have to wait until election day

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Southampton was one of several Hampshire County communities that held early voting until 4:00 PM Wednesday.

Voting booths were set up in the town clerk’s office. The process is the same as voting on election day. You walk in, identify yourself, get a ballot, and vote. The only difference is you must put your ballot in a special envelope. Signs alerting voters to the early balloting hours were posted around town.

“We were just taking a ride out to do a few errands and we noticed a sign early voting we said why not avoid long lines next week,” said Valerie Yarrows.

Town Clerk Eileen Couture told 22News she was pleasantly surprised by all the people who took advantage of the convenience.

“A lot of people coming in saying you know with baby-sitting and it’s hard to bring the kids voting and the lines they’re very happy they can come in if they don’t have to stand around long.”

Southampton has just over 4,500 registered voters and more than a thousand of them one-fourth of the town has come out to vote early. While some people wanted to vote early to avoid a time conflict on election day, others did it to get the election over with and move on.

“I’m actually glad that it’s almost over. We are constantly barraged by this thing every night on television I mean it’s interesting but it’s interesting to the point that it’s almost too much,” said Thomas Yarrows.

Voters also had a chance to vote early on Wednesday in the Hampshire County towns of Huntington, Cummington and Williamsburg.