Heating prices will be less this year

More and more Franklin County residents have switched to wood-pellets.

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s November and people are already thinking about how they will stay warm in the months ahead. More and more Franklin County residents have switched to wood-pellets.

“My daughter is using a wood pellet stove because she didn’t have the oil option and she felt the wood pellet was the most economical,” said Analee Wulfkuhle of South Deerfield.

Wood pellet stoves have become more popular for people to keep their homes warm during the winter, but there are residents who prefer other options, like oil.

“I use oil because we built our homes here in Greenfield 15 years ago and pellets at that time were not as popular then,” said Mickey Mitzkovitiz of Greenfield.

Others use a combination. “We use wood on Saturday’s and Sunday’s we have a fireplace and burn real wood in it,” said Michael Levine of Amherst. “We use oil during the week.”

Last year’s mild winter led to a decrease in wood pellet sales. But businesses are already seeing a lot of customers expecting a colder winter.

“We had a lot of early orders, a lot of people will place an early order to save the 5 or 10 dollars per ton and we are getting them out more consistently last month or so,” said Devin Schmidt of Shelburne Farm and Garden. “Almost everyday we’ll have a shipment that goes out.”

Schmidt told 22News their wood pellet prices are lower from last year; ranging from 250 to 300 dollars a ton. And a bit of a break if you heat with oil. Oil prices have also gone down.