Belchertown Police collect 237lbs of prescription drugs

You can now drop off unwanted prescription medications 24/7

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Belchertown Police Department collected 237 pounds of prescription drugs during their “Drug Take Back Day” on October 22nd. They attribute the success to being so close to the senior center, which is located next door to the department.

“I saw a lot of elderly people that day, they were actually pretty happy they could bring it someplace safe,” said Belchertown Police Officer Jordyn Bradway. “The sheriff’s department takes it away and they put it in an incinerator. Just throw in the trash or left around, the wrong people, kids, they don’t understand what it is and they’ll just try it. This helps get it off the street.”

The Northwestern District Attorney’s office said kids under 12, who abuse prescription drugs, get those drugs from family or friends.

Belchertown Police now have a “permanent” MedReturn box in their lobby. Officer Bradway said, “We’ve probably emptied it out already, a couple times in a matter of a week or two. It overflows, sometimes you can’t shut the door. So I think this is something that will definitely stay.”

You can now drop off unwanted prescription medications 24/7, no questions asked. So far this year, the Belchertown Police have collected 304 pounds of medications.

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