What to do if your business is robbed

Agawam Police are still looking for the man who robbed this store

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – A man with a gun robbed an Agawam convenience store around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. The store is in a busy strip mall, right off the 57 west rotary.

A local business owner, who has been in this strip mall for more than 13 years, told 22News he is shocked to hear a neighboring business was robbed. He said this area is fairly quiet and he hasn’t had any trouble since he’s been there.

An employee, Mohammad Pihiletenne-Gedara, told 22News a masked man with a gun walked into the store and said, “Give me all your money.” He said the robber, “Came near the register, so I open the register. He grabbed all the money.” The thief got away with nearly $800 in cash and a few packs of cigarettes.

Agawam Police searching for armed robbery suspect

Store managers recommend employees co-operate. Mohammad said, “If anyone tries to rob me, give everything that they ask.” Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk told 22News a worker has the right to defend himself if they feel their life is in danger.

David Trudeau, the owner of The Salon, said, “We do lock the door, so we’re safe that way. There’s really not a lot of cash here, so if anybody ever came in and wanted the cash we would obviously give up the cash. “

Police recommend you call 911 as soon as possible, and try to remember as much information about the suspect, so you can tell police.