Priest says exorcism requests on the rise

(WRTV) – It’s not just a movie made for Hollywood, but father Vincent Lampert, an exorcist at St. Malachy parish, says it’s an inverse relationship, “Faith in god will lead us in one direction and lack of faith will lead us in another, so there does seem to be a correlation with people who believe they are experiencing evil in their life at the same time where faith in god is less relevant.”

Lampert tells me he gets about 20 requests a week from people who think they need an exorcism, he tells me only about 10-percent of those people actually do, “Most people by the time they call me they’ve already diagnosed themselves.”

With an exorcism there is no quick-fix, so says Lampert, who explains most involve less-intense prayers to get rid of evil spirits.

Full demonic possession is rare, but he’s performed three of those, “A lot of these movies that you watch on TV it’s always in an abandoned house in the night during a storm, that type of thing, but it’s always in a sacred place.”

Lampert says the demand for exorcisms is on the rise.

At one time the United States had 12 bishop-appointed exorcist priests, there’s now 50 and counting, “There are different ways that maybe evil comes in, somebody being cursed, a life of habitual sin.”

And I asked, after taking part in hundreds of exorcisms, how does he handle the pressure, “After one here in Indiana on the way home, you asked how do I unwind, I stopped at dairy queen and had a chocolate shake on the way home.”

With no exorcisms currently scheduled, Lampert is just waiting for the phone to ring.