New details in MH370 crash final moments

Countries leading the search for MH370 are meeting in Australia this week

(CNN) – It’s been more than two years since the disappearance of MH370.

The Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared from radar over the Indian Ocean. Debris believed to be from the plane has washed up over time but its whereabouts still remains a mystery.

As investigators continue to search for the lost wreckage of MH370, a new report from the Australian transportation safety board indicates no one was in control of the enormous aircraft at the time of the crash. A detailed analysis of the satellite data shows indicates how the plane hurtled downwards, plunging 25,000 feet per minute.

“The way the plane spiraled into the ocean, it was not under human control,” said Aviation Expert Peter Goelz.

There is no way that you could make a plane do that.

“No, there’s no way a pilot could make a plane do that. And it raises the question whether the pilot or pilots were still alive,” said Goelz.

The flight scheduled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared less than an hour after takeoff. A log of hourly pings between the plane and a satellite led investigators to conclude the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean.

In June, a piece of the plane’s wing called a “flaperon” washed up on the coast of the African country of Tanzania. Analysis of the debris shows the wing flap had not been deployed before the crash, yet another sign that no one was in control in those final moments:

You deploy the flaps by essentially lowering them by doing this it slows the plane down.”

“It does. It slows the airplane down,” said Bob Hepp, Flight Instructor.

Bob Hepp took us up to demonstrate what MH370’s pilots should have done if they planned to successfully ditch the 777 in the Indian Ocean.

“We’re going to put the final set of flaps and this allows us to descend more steeply, slower and more steeply without picking up speed,” said Hepp.

“The fact that the flaps had not been deployed what does that tell you?”

“Either the pilot was not in a position, was incapacitated and not able to put the flaps down or was intending to not make the ditching survivable,” said Bob Hepp.

Following the crash, scrutiny turned to the plane’s pilots, including 53 year old captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Zahari had a flight simulator in his home and posted videos to YouTube. No suicide note was ever found to suggest he intended to bring the plane down.

The new report indicates the passenger plane fell wildly out of the sky but what caused a plane with 239 people on board to disappear, remains a mystery.

Countries leading the search for MH370 are meeting in Australia this week.