Meal replacement diets are on the rise

(CNN) – Soylent is the latest brand to promise all the nutrients you need in just one bottle or bar.

Meal replacement diets are popular with people too busy to sit down and eat a meal, but Soylent has recently made some people sick and the company is offering full refunds.

The nutrition world remains divided on the meal replacement trend.  They could be beneficial if taking the place of unhealthy food items in your diet.

Nutritionists say meal replacements can also be a great way to jump start weight loss.  They help with portion-control are high in protein and low in sugar.

However solid foods are important because they stimulate the movement of muscles in your digestive tract.

Experts warn that meal replacements tend to lack the fiber and good bacteria needed to keep you healthy.  Psycholigically speaking drinks can also leave you feeling unsatisfied.

If you really want to try meal replacements, dieticians suggest moderation.  Try a shake for breakfast and traditional healthy meals for lunch and dinner.

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