Donated Christmas gifts destroyed in fire

The fire destroyed about 1200 toys

(CNN) – Thousands of Christmas gifts went up in flames when a Cape Cod building caught fire over the weekend.

Now one man is on a mission to replace those gifts in the short time left before the holiday season…”This is tough, this is tough pill to swallow,” said Don Cox, Cape Cod Military Foundation.

The flames seen here consumed the building. “I was devastated,” said Cox.

Don Cox got the call over the weekend. He was thankful nobody was hurt but he also knew what was inside was going impact Christmas for a lot of children. “It was like the biggest punch in the gut you could ever take,” said Cox.

Most of the destroyed building was used by the Cape Cod military support foundation. They collect donated toys and other gifts to help military families on joint base Cape Cod focus on enjoying the holiday. Especially since many here are serving as enlisted officers.

“When it comes Christmas time, the heating bills are going up, the gas bills are going up and kids are looking for everything under the sun for Christmas,” said Cox.

Don said typically they there’s enough gifts for 800 children. They also help children find presents for their parents.

The fire destroyed about 1200 toys, 5,000 stocking stuffers and 200 back to school backpacks filled with supplies. “We got wiped out completely Friday night,” said Cox.

Right now the Christmas party is scheduled for December 11th and the good spirit of strangers is already helping Don replace what was lost. “41 days today till we have a Christmas party for 800 kids,” said Cox.

If you want to help in any way, contact the Cape Cod military support foundation through their website.