Do Trump supporters like his more restrained style?

(CNN) – The items for sale and the items some people here are wearing are a good reminder of some of the things trump has said or alluded to during this campaign.

As Election Day approaches, Trump appears to be sticking to the script more often.

Do you feel it’s a good thing that Donald Trump over the last few days has gotten more diplomatic, more disciplined, “I like to see him more refined like he is now. Without teleprompters, he was kind of a little bit too much.”

I think it will help him win. I will bring in voters who had said “I don’t know.”

Indeed, a major reason many people are spending all this time in the hot Florida sun is they like the fact that Donald Trump says what’s on his mind, critics be damned.

“I think he should speak whatever he feels. I like the aggressive part of him and I think it comes back to that freedom of speech, everybody has it, including him as a person,” said Tambra North.

Many Trump supporters say his freewheeling style has emboldened them.  These two women say they would cheer if Trump would read their t shirts during his rally, “I support the man. She’s corrupt.”

And then, there are some people here who say Trump has always been disciplined and on message and it’s Hillary Clinton who hasn’t been, “All she does is criticize everybody. She’s just nasty. She’s not nice. She hates people. We are deplorable, we’re in a basket.

However, almost all the Trump supporters we talked to here acknowledge Trump has had stretches where he has been off message.

There is a prevalent belief here that a president trump would in his way, be presidential.  He will be diplomatic. He will be assertive and he will make America great again.

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