Can President Obama seal the deal for Clinton?

(CNN) – President Obama has been quite busy on the campaign trail, as he stumps for Hillary Clinton but can he seal the deal for her to win the White House?

“Hillary Clinton is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate I see out there. No, no, no, do not believe that stuff. Has she made mistakes? Of course! So have I,” said Obama.

This is President Obama, in the twilight of his eight years in office, trying to be the closer, now, for Hillary Clinton.

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“There’s nobody in the public arena over the course of 30 years that doesn’t make some,” said Obama.

He’s been busy, criss-crossing battleground states. Enormous rallies. This week will mark a second trip to Ohio. A third to North Carolina, and Florida with multiple stops.

Just win one of those, the thinking goes, and she wins. So he’s on college campuses, on radio shows popular with african-americans.

“She’s made mistakes in the past, just like everybody has. But these are nothing compared to the ongoing daily transgressions that Mr. Trump engages in,” said Obama.

And on social media, YouTube, Snapchat, Late night comedy.

The President makes no direct reference to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail troubles during these stops but what you do notice since last Friday, when developments broke, he doesn’t joke around quite so much as if it’s a comedy routine with the mocking of Donald Trump. Now, he’s more serious, almost pleading with the crowd at times to look at what’s at stake, and vote.

Here in the razor-close battleground of Ohio, where polls are showing the scale starting to tip now in favor of Donald Trump, and the number of republicans voting early has grown. That message is seen by democrats as crucial.

The President’s favorability rating, 57 percent now, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 46. Obama’s voice can only help her, and along with the first lady’s, is the strongest out there. The goal, generating enthusiasm and momentum.

At the time President Obama was elected, 79 percent of his supporters were very enthusiastic about voting. For Clinton, it’s 54 percent.

“Choose hope. Choose hope. Vote. Vote. Vote,” said Obama.

A gap democrats are trying to fill in these last days of connecting with Americans.