Bobcat struck by car in Southampton

Injured animal taken to wildlife rehabilitation

Image Courtesy: Southampton Police Department

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A bobcat is undergoing treatment, after being struck by a vehicle in Southampton Wednesday morning.

According to Southampton Police, the bobcat was struck on Brickyard Road near Gilbert Road sometime before 5:50 A.M. Police took the injured animal to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter. The bobcat was then taken to a veterinary hospital.

Bobcats weighing up to 35 pounds aren’t that rare in the woods of western Massachusetts.

“People don’t see them during the time they’re primarily out- in the evening hours- but people don’t see them a lot, they’re definitely in the area for sure,” Westfield Animal Control Officer Margaret Teradlsen said.

Since there are so many of these predators lurking about, Teradlsen suggests that it might be a good idea keeping your small animals in an enclosure at night.

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