Trump supporters go to the extreme to protect signs

(CNN) – From a Trump yard sign that delivers a shock if you touch it to one rigged up with green fishing line to trip up would-be thieves.

The defensive techniques Trump supporters are using to stop their yard signs from getting swiped.

Trump signs aren’t just being stolen, this one went up in flames, torched by a guy in his underwear in Platteville, Wisconsin. The sign’s owners were burned up, especially when they recognized Mr. Underwear.

So many Trump signs are being swiped, that yard sign defense techniques are being deployed. Like using bike chain lubricant to make them slippery and messy. Or worse yet, “try dog poop.” or replace your signs with something they can’t steal.

An Indianapolis man used fishing wire and string spray painted green to fasten down his trump sign. When one sign stealer gave up, the owner followed him.

Another owner electrified his sign to zap a would-be thief.

You hear less about Hillary signs being swiped, though this Florida woman has to bring her signs in at night. And this woman had someone come up to her door.

“Why are you voting for that and she pointed at my sign and I was totally appalled,” said Mary Anne Deja, Clinton Supporter.

Talk about a game of cat and mouse, imagine using a mousetrap to protect your Trump sign

New Hampshire State Representative Gary Hopper calls sign stealers, “the liberal commie scum.”

Don’t hook a 6 volt battery up to a mousetrap and then to firecrackers so when someone moves the sign. Even worse than stealing signs, who would abscond with a cardboard cutout of the Donald? Cut it out, people! This is shocking.

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