Meet two people that share the presidential candidates’ first and last name

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up? Will the real Donald Trump please rise?

What is it like to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? No, not the ones you’re thinking of. The folks who share the same names as the presidential nominees.

They can’t run from their names. Hillary Clinton organizes music festivals while Dr. Donald trump heads a cancer institute in Virginia. Both say there are few perks and some drawbacks to sharing a presidential candidate’s name.

“Facebook won’t let me have my name,” said organizer Hillary Clinton. “And so I’m Hill Clinton on Facebook. Facebook, if you’re listening, I want my name back.”

She also says most comments people make when she says her name aren’t funny.

Dr. Donald Trump has actually met the Donald and tried to get him to go “bald for bucks” to raise money for cancer research. Presidential Candidate Trump refused to sacrifice his hair but he did make a generous donation.

And in a rare moment of modesty these words actually escaped the lips of THE Donald Trump, “So I say Donald L. Trump which is you is probably more important than Donald J. Trump which is me.”

However, what happens when Dr. Trump calls the Trump international hotel?

“My name is Donald Trump. I’d like to make a reservation for Saturday night please.”

Three seconds of silence is what happens. They were willing to make the reservation after this Donald asked a most un-Trump like question, “What’s your most economical deal?”

Dr. Trump says he’s left of center voting for Hillary. While this Hillary will vote for the other one, not Trump.

This Hillary may never be president.

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