Fake cop allegedly abducts, assaults teen girl

The victim was miles from her own home and had gone to a party

TEXAS (CNN) – Texas police are looking for a man who they say posed as a law enforcement officer and sexually assaulted a teenage girl.

The incident happened on October 15th. It’s a dead end road not far from the river where people dump trash and animals and where a 16 year old girl says she was taken by a man who claimed to be a county constable dispatcher.

She told investigators he picked her up on a curfew violation in this neighborhood, told her to get in his car. She says they stopped at the Murphy’s gas station off the east belt. A surveillance video of the man she identified about six feet tall, 280 pounds driving a Saturn Aura Sedan, with paper plates.

He bought cigarettes, then drove her beneath highway 90 at the San Jacinto River and assaulted her. The girl was then taken back to the neighborhood. A woman who asked not to be identified saw her crying and took her in.

The woman said “did you get raped, and she said yes, but she didn’t want to call her parents because they would get made at her because they don’t like her hanging out with people she hangs out with.”

The victim was miles from her own home and had gone to a party in Channelview. At 4:30 in the morning, investigators say she was waiting outside a friend’s home when her assailant targeted her.

The woman also said “she didn’t want to call the police cause the guy who assaulted her said he was a police officer on duty and he was on call and if she told anybody, he was going to kill her.”

The sheriff’s office says the suspect is a law enforcement impostor. Now this video is being released to generate leads on a case that involves sexual assault of a child. A child a stranger stepped in and helped and if she hadn’t:

Woman: “She’d still be walking down the street.”

Report: “And what could happen? He comes back?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Crime stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the man’s arrest.