How the early voting process works

The early voting period ends on November 4th

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Early voting has been available in some western Massachusetts communities for several days now.

Brigid Fitzgerald told 22News, “Oh, I think it’s awesome. I mean I think it’s making voting more accessible. It’s certainly making voting more convenient for me. That’s why I’m doing it today.”

Massachusetts adopted early voting legislation passed in 2014, but the current presidential election is the first in which it is occurring.

Anyone who votes early puts their ballot into an affidavit envelope and signs it saying they are who they say they are. Those ballots are then locked in a vault until election day where they are sorted by ward and precinct and are processed.

Northampton City Hall has been open for voters 12 hours a day. As of Tuesday 2400 people voted early.  Northampton’s City Clerk Wendy Mazza addressed the question of whether you can change your early ballot once it is cast, “Once you vote early vote you’re all done. You can’t change your vote. You’re already marked as an early voter so there’s no chance of anybody trying to vote twice.”

It costs 67 cents or two stamps in postage if you are mailing your ballot back in.

Joe Mahay, of Florence said it was nice to cast his ballot in person, “See if I can relieve some of the anxiety around the election thats all. It’s just too much. I figured if I vote maybe it will let me relax a little bit.”

“It’s been such a difficult and contentious election that there’s some relief in getting it over with,” Naomi Tannen, of Florence said.

The early voting period ends on November 4th.