Dr. Phil – “We are convinced our 78-year-old mother is being catfished by a man who has left her facing bankruptcy and the police”

Does “David Adams” exist? What will Dr. Phil's international investigation reveal?

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Seventy-eight-year-old Irina claims the man she met online and fell in love with, “David Adams,” is stranded in Nigeria, and she needs Dr. Phil’s help to find and bring him back to the USA.

Irina says she has sent “David” her life savings, over $76,000, to help him return but after a series of unfortunate events, “David” remains stuck in Lagos, Nigeria.

Irina’s daughter Monique and son Eric say they believe 100% that this is a scam and that their mom is being catfished by someone who doesn’t exist, something Irina says she refuses to accept. Monique and Eric tell Dr. Phil they want him to help prove them right.

Does “David Adams” exist? What will Dr. Phil’s international investigation reveal?

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