Donald Trump hair costume goes viral

The costume was actually fashioned out of an umbrella

(KSNW) – Plenty of jokes have been made about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hair this election season, but one Wichita, Kansas 5th grader and his mother have taken it to a whole new level.

Gage DeVader wore a costume modeled completely after Trump’s hair, but it’s much more than just a wig.

The costume was actually fashioned out of an umbrella and grass table skirts and covers DeVadar head to toe, save for a small slit in the “Make America Great Again” hat for the occupant to see.

“Gage is in fifth grade, so I wanted to do something really funny and really unique for this last year that he would be able to wear a costume to school. I just figured it would make our friends and family laugh. I never imagined it would blow up like it has,” added Gage’s mother and costume designer, Jessica DeVader.

Political opinions aside, Gage gave the country a much needed laugh during a bitterly contested election campaign.

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