Better outcomes for heart patients

Participants were followed for five to seven years

(CNN) – It may seem like common sense but a new study adds to the long list of proof that taking medication as-prescribed by your doctor can extend your life, especially if you are a heart patient.

Heart patients who take their medications as prescribed have a better chance of surviving long-term with no major complications than those who don’t.

That’s according to a recent study published in the American heart association’s journal “circulation.”

Researchers examined the cases of more than 32-hundred people who had either coronary artery bypass surgery or a stenting procedure in 2004.

Participants were followed for five to seven years.

Subsequent heart problems were tracked, along with the patient’s adherence to prescribed medical therapy including blood thinners, statins or beta blockers.

No matter which procedure they’d had heart bypass or stent researchers found that those who followed doctor’s instructions and took their meds had significantly better outcomes.

They were nearly three times more likely to survive without another major heart problem than those who didn’t take their meds as prescribed.

So heart patients follow your doctor’s directions and take your medicine you’ll be glad you did.