A house divided by politics

LONG ISLAND, NY (CNN) – Trouble is brewing in the kitchen in one Long Island, New York house and at the dinner table, where political debate is pushing the parents apart and plaguing the children.

Imagine you’re standing on the sidewalk, outside this All-American home and you listen in…

Everything looks blissful, Rob and Cheryl, a firefighter and a teacher with their 3 kids, Sara, Robbie and Thomas, prepping for dinner.

Then it starts:

Cheryl: “I think we know we’re going to get with Hillary, Donald’s erraticness and the way that he presents himself is not what I believe that the United States deserves in terms of a president, at all.”

Rob: “This election is I think polarized us more than any other time. We’re both union middle class jobs, and this election has really divided that house in that regard.”

Cheryl: I honestly thought he was more of a democratic, but this has really, this is a big election, and we’re definitely a divided, definitely divided

Rob and Cheryl are reasoned, thoughtful voters who still have love in their hearts but now there’s rage on their tongues.

Cheryl: “And it’s been proven time and time again, he does not seem to have any respect for women and that concerns me.”

Rob: “I don’t see him as an evil person, I see him as somebody who is willing to shake the tree a little bit and I think our country needs that a little bit right now.”

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This election is shaking the family foundation like never before and in most cases, the fault line is obvious.

Rob: “There’s a few divided households and I think many times it’s down the gender line.”

Cheryl: “It’s awful… I have relatives who are not speaking, and that’s really sad.”

Most agree even the children here, agree… the sooner this election is over, the better. However, will the symptoms of this ‘pre-traumatic stress’ mercifully disappear with the election?

Watch the video above for more conversations with the family.