4 million transactions already processed through electronic tolling

83% of transactions so far have been with E-ZPass

MassDOT and Massachusetts State Police officials hold a news conference to explain the progress in the state's new all-electronic tolling system.

BOSTON (WWLP) – Progress is being made on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Four hundred personnel, from construction crews to law enforcement worked overnight Tuesday to tear down close to two dozen toll booths, as the state transitions to its new cashless tolling system.

State Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin said that construction is ahead of schedule because people are changing their driving patterns.

“People have absolutely changed some behaviors. They’re leaving at different times, and I think that is allowing us to continue to trend ahead on our schedule,” Tinlin said.

Governor Baker optimistic about electronic tolling transition

The new electronic tolling system has processed more than 4,000,000 transactions since the program launched Friday night. Eighty-three percent of those were E-ZPass transactions.

Tinlin said that traffic went up slightly on Tuesday, which is normal for the morning commute. The Massachusetts State Police say that so far, there haven’t been any major accidents near construction zones. The speed limit near tollbooths remains at 15 miles per hour.

“There’s a lot of construction personnel, and we have a lot of police presence there. I’d like to remind people to maintain the low speed going through those; we want to keep everybody safe out there,” Massachusetts State Police Maj. Terry Hanson said.

The New E-ZPass website also launched ahead of schedule. You will need your E-ZPass account information and pin number on-hand for access.

MassDOT said that the E-ZPass call center is receiving a higher volume of calls right now, so expect to wait if you need assistance accessing the new website.