Take it slow and be safe Trick-or-Treating

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Halloween night is fun, but it can also be dangerous.

As you are running around collecting that candy, here’s a few pointers to take along with you.

For kids, it’s one of the best nights of the year, dressing up and collecting free candy. The sun is setting earlier this week, around 5:45PM. Drivers and kids alike need to remember there people running around in the dark.

If you’re in your car, you have to be aware of more kids and their parents on the streets.

22News talked to the West Springfield Police who made it a point for parents to keep an eye out for cars, “If you have to walk in the street walk in the opposite direction of traffic, that way if you see a car coming close to you you can move to the side of the road instead of walking with traffic.”

Most adults and teens have cell phones. Cell phones can be pretty distracting, so for Halloween, why not just put them down?

Most teenagers don’t leave the house without their phone so if you going to be taking a “selfie” of your costume step to the side of the street and take the picture in a safe area

Tatiana Bonner of West Springfield and a parent told 22News they’re playing it safe, and plan to go trick-or-treating someplace other than their neighborhood, “We’re not going around the neighborhood, we’re going to the mall just because of the clown business that has been going on just to be safe.“

Whatever your plan is Monday night, just play it safe.

Don’t forget to send us your photos of you in your Halloween costume to reportit@wwlp.com.