Halloween candy safety tips for your family

(CNN) – It’s Halloween and if you’ve got youngsters in your life, they’re probably counting down the minutes until they can head out and get that candy.

Before they dig into the loot they’ve collected while trick or treating, there are a few things parents or caretakers should do.

Most kids love trick-or-treating and chowing down on the candy and treats they’ve gotten for days afterwards. Here are some tips for making sure they stay safe and healthy while digging in to all those sugary snacks.

First, make sure your kids know they should not eat any candy or treats until they’ve gotten home and all the items have been inspected.

Give them a light meal or snack before they head out so they won’t be tempted to dip into the bag before they get home.

Eat only factory-wrapped treats, toss home-made items unless you know the person who made them well.

Even commercial items should be inspected for choking hazards, allergens or signs of tampering, toss items with pinholes, tears or that have an unusual appearance or smells.

Experts say you should also check expiration dates and be wary of brands you’ve never heard of. Basically, when in doubt, throw it out. Follow these safety tips and enjoy your Halloween candy.