FBI using special technology to sift through e-mails

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The FBI is using some special technology to sort through e-mails of Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

That’s after investigators obtained a warrant Sunday to search the e-mails found Abedin’s estranged husband’s computer.

CNN has learned a team of agents is using special software at FBI facilities in Guantico, Virginia to sift through thousands of newly discovered e-mails to isolate those relevant to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server. Those e-mails will then be searched for classified information, a process that likely won’t be resolved until after the election.

In July, when director Comey initially recommended no charges, he said no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton despite finding classified information on her private server.

FBI Director Comey said, “We don’t want to put people in jail unless we prove that they knew they were doing something they knew they shouldn’t do.”

CNN has learned some of the e-mails found on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, passed through Clinton’s private server.

A source says Abedin has no idea how her e-mails ended up on her husband’s computer.

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Law enforcement sources say several weeks ago agents stumbled upon the new e-mails while investigating Weiner’s alleged sexting with a 15 year old girl. Comey found out in mid-October but wasn’t fully briefed until last Thursday.

A day later, he went against Department of Justice policy sending a vague letter to Congress revealing the discovery of the e-mails over the objection of DOI officials.

Now, he’s taking heat from every direction, even from his former boss, Republican appointed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Gonzalez said, “I didn’t understand what he was saying, what he was trying to say, the purpose of the letter. All of us somewhat perplexed about what the director was trying to accomplish here.”

Now Comey is under intense pressure to publicly release more information before Election Day.

Gonzaless said, “We are in a very unusual situation and it may be that in order to protect the integrity of this election that he may need to say something else about what else is in relation to this investigation.”

The White House spokesman said he would neither defend nor criticize Comey but acknowledged he’s in a tough spot.

“He’s the one who will be in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism from a variety of legal experts, including individuals who served in senior Department of Justice positions in administrations led by presidents in both parties,” said Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary, to the press.

The FBI is unlikely to finish reviewing Abedin’s e-mails before the election. Officials say director Comey is unlikely to speak about the review until it’s more clear what’s in the e-mails. The FBI also believes it may have to conduct another interview with Abedin and others

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