Looking back on October 2016

Snow is not unusual for October, but the amount we got is

Shutesbury snowfall
Shutesbury snowfall photo by David Wheeler

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As we prepare to welcome November, let’s reflect on October certainty a month filled with different types of weather. 22News is working for you with a look back.

Looking back on the month of October we can say it was mild and dry. There was limited days of rainfall. Average rainfall for October is about 3 inches and western Massachusetts got about 1.69 inches of rain, needing at least an inch and a half to be near average for the month.

We also saw snow, which is not unusual for October. What was unusual was the amount we got.

One Springfield resident didn’t mind the large amount. Kyle from Springfield told 22News, “It wasn’t that bad everyone forgets how to drive but it wasn’t terrible.”

October’s average snowfall is a tenth of an inch. Western Massachusetts saw a little less than inch. In higher elevations in western Massachusetts some towns saw over 3 inches of snow.

Thanks to the lack of rainfall our drought continues with barely any improvements. One improvement was southeastern Hampden County which went from a severe drought to a moderate drought. Other than that parts of the Pioneer Valley continues to stay in an extreme drought where the rest of western Massachusetts is in a severe or moderate drought. So still rain is needed.

When it comes to temperatures overall we saw more above average days than average, even breaking a record high temperature getting up to 84 degrees. Average high temperature for October in western Massachusetts is in the lower 50s.

Looking into November thanks to the jet stream, a narrow band of fast moving air currents high up in the atmosphere that helps control our weather patterns, being above New England warm air will move north into New England, making temperatures above average for the first week of November.

All measurements in western Massachusetts are recorded at Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee.