West Springfield resident’s incredible battle with breast cancer

The Rays of Hope run and walk steps off Sunday morning in Springfield

West Springfield, Mass. (WWLP) – Nearly 20 years ago, a doctor told Theulen that she had breast cancer.

Mike Theulen, her Husband said, “It was a day to day existence. We just had one thing in mind and that was to get her better.”

cancer-month-concluding_00001Get better, she did. It was a path she didn’t walk alone.

“Just having someone there for you who lets you know it’s okay to be afraid. That helps you.”

With two kids at home, Midje had a lot to live for. Her husband Mike took her hand and never let go, guiding her to every doctor’s appointment, her neighbors cooked their meals for 5 months.

Just weeks from her last chemo treatment Midje was getting better, to prove it, she laced up her sneakers for the Rays of Hope Walk.

Theulen said “The doctor said I don’t know if you are going to be able to do that because your blood cell count is so low. I said you have to fix that because I saw the brochure and I knew that if I could do the walk that I was going to be okay. It was like my light at the end of the tunnel. It took me about two hours to walk two with neighbors and friends holding on to either side of me. I shuffled, but I did it and from that point forward I was convinced that I was going to be okay.”

cancer-month-concludingA walk she’s continued for the last 18 years. She thought she’d have to make that walk this year without her daughter Jessie, but surprise.

“You both lied. You are a liar. You thought I’d miss your walk?”

Midje never used to like the color pink, now it’s a part of her.

“Change it up every day and make sure I am all pinked out.”

From patient to survivor, Midje and her family know to live in the moment and that with a little hope and love, there’s nothing they can’t beat.

The Rays of Hope run and walk steps off Sunday morning in Springfield. For more information click here.