How does the state’s all electronic tolling system work?

MassDots electronic tolling system is now live

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The state’s All Electronic Tolling system officially went live Friday night. 22news was live in Palmer outside a toll plaza with the latest information about how the transition to electronic tolling will work. State highway officials say there have been 215,000 transactions since all-electric tolling got underway on the Massachusetts turnpike.

MassDOT’S electronic tolling system is now live which means cash will no longer be an option to pay for tolls on the Mass Pike. Now, overhead scanners will read your EZ pass. Drivers without an e-z pass, will get a bill in the mail and will pay a surcharge.

If you sign up for EZ-Pass within 6-months MassDOT will credit your account for the extra charges you incur during the “grace period.” The electronic tolling system officially went live on Friday Night, and some drivers told 22News they noticed a little bit of confusion at some toll plazas.

“The Springfield exit on the Mass Pike was blocked off and had all of the stop lights taped off and all of that.”

Even with all the confusion, many drivers who already have an EZ pass, this isn’t a big change.

A local commuter mentioned, “It feels pretty standard to us, it doesn’t feel any different than it normally does.”

Maureen Clearly, of Worcester told 22News, “Having an EZ pass has just been essential because we do not like the long lines particulary on holiday weekends so it’s been great and I think it’s great the state has finally decided that everyone should have them.”

Something that’s important for drivers to note, the 15 mph speed limit speed limit that exists at toll plazas will still be in effect through November 22nd, as construction crews begin the process of demolishing the existing toll plazas.

MassDOT cautions drivers that traffic will be impacted in the weeks ahead, and that those traveling on the MASS pike should allow for extra time to reach destinations.

In just a few weeks, toll plazas all along the Massachusetts Turnpike like this one here in Palmer will be demolished. Crews will start demolishing toll booths on Sunday, and construction will be taking place 24/7.

Valerie Wilson, of Brockton said, “So far it’s been pretty opened and clear, getting on the Mas pike wasn’t bad…I’ve had an EZ pass and I use it maybe 3-4 times a year.”

Mary Gawron, of Braintree also mentioned, “There was some cones and they are starting to do some work at the toll plaza near 128 but other than that no delays or traffic.”

For traffic and road conditions, MassDOT has a Traffic Information Map to help drivers make travel decisions.

Also visit this website for real-time traffic and incident advisory information.