Website allows users to swap votes between states

Their site launched just last week and already has 3,000 users

(CNN/WEWS) – It’s a virtual handshake between voters in different states that’s putting some people on edge.

Participants can sign up online, or on their smartphones, pledging to vote for each other’s candidates in their respective states, so that their votes can make an impact.

Political Analyst Tom Sutton said, “It sounds unsavory because anything that sounds like vote trading sounds like somebody is manipulating the system.”

However, Sutton add that it’s a practice that stands up in court; “The fact of the matter is if it’s a one on one transaction involving just two people with each other that in itself is an expression of speech, not an illegal act.”

One site, Trump Traders, said they’re targeting third-party supporters who don’t want to jeopardize the main party elections in their swing states like Ohio.

Co-founder of Trump Traders, John Stubbs, said, “If you’re in Ohio and you don’t like Trump, and you also don’t like Clinton, we’ve got people that want to talk to you that feel the same way.”

Their site launched just last week and already has 3,000 users. They expect to hit 10,000 before Election Day.

The Secretary of State’s office said it’s legal and as long as money is not involved…”Then it’s avoiding the problem of buying the vote,” said Sutton.

Vote trading isn’t a new concept. It was first done in 2000 during the Bush-Gore election when some Ralph Nader supporters in swing states traded their votes.