Man caught putting cams in men’s restrooms

Right now police are not revealing where evidence was found in Dowdell’s home

(CNN) – A shocking discovery. Police say a man in Opelika, Alabama was putting hidden cameras in men’s public restrooms and now the man is being connected to a child pornography investigation.

Opelika police received a tip of a camera being placed in the men’s restroom at the Opelika high school football stadium. Authorities identified two additional camera locations. One in the men’s restroom at Shug Jordan soccer field at auburn university. The other, also in a men’s restroom.


Right now police are not revealing exactly where evidence of the crime was found in Dowdell’s home.

We went to Dowdell’s home to see if anyone would speak with us. No one came to the door but i did come across a neighbor. He says he was shocked to hear what happened.

Robert Houston, Suspect’s Neighbor said, “Well I do know a few years ago we had a few gangs that lived in this area, but the police did a good job and the policemen add up. And then right now it’s pretty much quiet in this area.”

Police believe all cameras have been found and that there is no threat to the community at this time.

Chief John McEachern, III, Opelika Police said, “The Opelika Police Department executed a search warrant at Mr. Dowdell’s residence. The search of his residence resulted in the seizure of multiple items of digital media.”

Police urge anyone who had contact with Dowdell or has information about him to call police immediately.

About two dozen child victims were identified in the videos found in Dowdell’s home. Police say they do not believe any of the videos were uploaded to the internet. Dowdell is being held without bond.