Hadley Police warn residents to use caution near crosswalks

Motorists are supposed to stop for pedestrians.

Courtesy of the Hadley Police Department

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Two crosswalks in Hadley have gotten a safety upgrade. 22News was live at our Hampshire County Bureau to explain why common sense is still your best protection.

Along busy Route 9 right in the construction area, two crosswalks have gotten some new safety features.

The crosswalks by the juvenile court and the Cumberland Farms gas station have been outfitted with new solar powered flashing lights to alert drivers to pedestrians crossing.

You don’t have to wait for a walk signal, push the button and the lights start flashing right away, but just because traffic is supposed to stop doesn’t mean it will. So look both ways before you cross. That’s the message Hadley Police posted on Facebook and it’s what pedestrians plan to do.

Shante Alamo of Holyoke said, “I would look both ways first before crossing the street, but I think there should be flashing lights there because it would be very helpful for cars to stop. If not, they would keep driving.”

One of those crosswalks has lines painted on the road surface as well, the other does not, so be extra careful at that crosswalk. Route 9 is a busy road, and with the construction ongoing in that area, being safe is even more important.