State lawmakers celebrate those on a path to being self-sufficient

One in every 8 Massachusetts residents depends on government assistance

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – One in every 8 Massachusetts residents depends on government assistance. 22News was there as lawmakers celebrated those who found jobs and are living independently.

It’s expensive to live in Massachusetts, and many families rely on your tax dollars to make ends meet. Many of those people are children, the elderly, disabled and come from working families.

The Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance offers low-income families enough money to meet their basic needs, buy groceries and help them find a stable job. The goal is make sure your tax dollars are being spent wisely. This year, the state will distribute $1.2 billion dollars in federal SNAP benefits, otherwise known as food stamps.

On Thursday, state lawmakers celebrated residents who are on the path to employment or who have already found a job.

State Sen. Michael Rodrigues (D), of Fall River, said “It’s an overflow crowd in the Great Hall, it just puts faces with our efforts in ensuring that people are on the right path to self-sufficiency.”

The state is taking steps to crack down on E.B.T. fraud by improving technology and sharing that data across the Commonwealth.