Some say E-ZPass sign ups haven’t been so easy

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It hasn’t been an easy transition to the state’s E-ZPass system. Friday at 10:00PM. That is when the state’s new all-electronic open-road tolling system takes over.

“It’s probably a good idea. I’m just not going to get one before the deadline,” said one Belchertown woman.

And she’s not the only one, despite signing up more than 150,000 people since August at community sign ups.

Depending on who you ask, the transition to E-ZPass hasn’t been easy. It began in July when drivers were overcharged. Now, those who’ve waited until the last-minute to get an E-ZPass say the online application gives them an error. But others say it’s just procrastination.

“People knew about it for a long time and then just like people won’t merge until the end of the lane, they wait until the last-minute to go ahead and get the pass,” said Daniel Fischer of Haydenville.

Anyone who doesn’t have a transponder will have their license plate photographed and a bill will be sent in the mail, with an extra surcharge.

Along I-91, Mass-DOT is using their electronic signs to display a message to drivers that they need to sign up for E-ZPass. The last cash toll will be taken at 9:45.

“We’ve had a transponder for years and can’t believe we didn’t do it even earlier. It’s great because it works across state lines also,” said Pamela Skinner of Goshen.

The state says if you apply online you can expect to get your E-ZPass in 5 to 7 business days. You can also go to any RMV or Triple-A.

There are 16 tolling gantries on the MassPike. If you don’t have a transponder and you drive through all 16, you’ll pay an extra $5.40 cents after surcharges and a mailing fee.