People, businesses try to separate from Trump brand

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Donald Trump dismissing concerns that the campaign will impact his new luxury hotel in downtown Washington, DC, telling CNN’s Dana Bash at the hotel’s grand opening that it will be one of the great hotels of the world.

However, signs are emerging that Trump’s campaign may be bad for his billion dollar business.

Trump in business mode, his presidential bid, on brief hold.

“We’re gonna go cut a ribbon then head out to North Carolina, New Hampshire and back down to Florida,” said Trump.

However the suggestion by CNN’s Dana Bash that he’s putting business ahead of politics.

“For you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because Hillary Clinton does one stop then goes sleep,” said Trump.

Trump’s brand, his name, being hammered literally on Hollywood’s walk of fame over remarks he’s made on and off the campaign trail.

Three democratic Senators urging the U.S. Golf Association to move the women’s tournament from Trump’s New Jersey golf club. The USGA for now says it’s staying but in June a PGA tournament moved from Trump’s Florida golf club to Mexico when enough sponsorships couldn’t be acquired.

At some Manhattan buildings bearing the Trump name, residents now petitioning to have the golden letters removed.

Marjorie Jacobs who is petitioning to remove Trump name said, “Why should he get part of my rent and why should his name be on there?”

There are signs, Trump’s White House bid is hurting his brand. His latest hotel not called “Trump” at all, instead “Scion.” Serta mattress, Macy’s and Univision have already cut ties with Trump.

Protests on Wednesday outside Trump’s new DC hotel as he cut the official ribbon inside. Chef Jose Andres pulled his restaurant from the project over the candidate’s remarks about immigration. Trump sued and in a deposition insisted everything on the business front is a-ok.

“What impact do you think your political campaign has had on the success of your hotels?” Trump said, “I don’t think it’s had much.”

At Mar a Lago, the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation is now under pressure to move its yearly fundraiser to a new location. The foundation declined to comment to CNN.

CNN did reach out to Trump organization reps seeking comment. CNN has yet to hear back but in the past they have said the brand remains “incredibly strong.”

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