Meet Hillary and Donald as pumpkins!

She pumpkinizes whoever's big in the news

(CNN) – Behold Trumpkin the giant pumpkin!

It’s a front porch like any other, until you notice who’s sitting on it…Donald Trumpkin, Hillary Clintkin and, who’s that third one?

Creator Jeanette Paras says, “The wild card though was Putkin. Putin. I call him Putkin.”

With a smirk and a wink, Vladimir is the biggest, at 341 pounds. But it’s the Donald and Hillary who get most of the attention.

Here in Dublin, Ohio and now worldwide, Jeanette Paras is famous for her portraits, though she’s not really an artist. “I started pumpkinizing giant celebrity pumpkins in 1988.”

She’s done everyone from Miley Cyrus with her long tongue to Kim Jong Un. Jay Leno’s chin required a vertical pumpkin. Kanye west was a hit with his glasses.

Since she pumpkinizes whoever’s big in the news, the Donald and Hillary were no brainers. She’d already done a 374 pound Trumpkin last year.

The trickiest feature to get right on Trumpkin was, what else, the hair.

It’s made up of 6 very large wigs.

Carved Trumpkins are popping up all over social media…right down to the minimalist wig and hole.

When it comes to Halloween, the Donald is winning…his mask is overwhelmingly outselling Hillary’s nationwide.

Usually the candidate whose mask sells best tends to win the election. But the Trump mask has an advantage.

Tony Bianchi, manager of Halloween Adventure, says, “The left likes to buy it because they want to lampoon him and the right likes to buy it ‘cause he’s god-like – he’s their candidate.”

And over 95% of people who buy latex masks are men. As for the Donald’s pumpkin, uncarved, it’ll last till New Year’s.

So what happens when it’s time to get rid of Trumpkin, Clintkin and Putkin?

Before dumping them in the trash, Jeanette says she chops them up like in the Psycho shower scene.

That’s hair-raising.

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