How recreational marijuana could impact medical marijuana

Many medical marijuana products have lower levels of T.H.C., but still have therapeutic components

BOSTON (WWLP) – Supporters of legalizing recreational pot believe passage of Question Four would weaken the black market. 22News explains how legal recreational pot could impact medical marijuana dispensaries.

There are 8 medical marijuana dispensaries open in Massachusetts including facilities in Greenfield and Northampton. Regardless of the outcome of Question 4, people would still need a medical marijuana card to enter a medical marijuana dispensary, and those products won’t be taxed.

Many medical marijuana products have lower levels of T.H.C., but have therapeutic components that can only be sold in medical dispensaries. Ballot Question 4 would legalize and tax the sale of recreational marijuana for people over 21.

The “Yes on 4” campaign’s Jim Borghesani told 22 News that full legalization would provide a safer alternative to the black market. “It’ll probably be the same people who are using it except they’ll be able to buy it in safe locations and from sellers who actually check ID’s and sell tested, inspected products.”

Current polling favors passage of Question four. We’ll know if pot becomes legal in Massachusetts after the polls close November 8th.