Funeral home therapy dog brings comfort

A welcome reprieve from the pain of grief

(CNN) – What do you say, when words aren’t enough?

Jody Tierney, Handler for Greyce said, “She is very intuitive. She just seems to know what to do.”

At Dwyer funeral home in Pittsfield, a new hire is helping mourners in a way most others can’t.

Robert Dwyer, Dwyer Funeral Home said, “And seems to, like, instinctively know where to go. She seems to find the mourners and stand by their side.”

Offering comfort through companionship is 2-year-old therapy dog Greyce. She is so cute and fluffy. Jody Tierney volunteers Greyce’s therapy services. The Chesapeake Bay retriever was trained and certified this summer. This is her 4th wake.

Jody Tierney, “When someone is crying she seems to pick out that individual and go over and maybe just put her head in their lap. It is just kind of intuitive.”

Robert Dwyer, “Just having a therapy dog present during services here has been Gracie, has been huge.”

Robert Dwyer is a 4th generation funeral director. Jennifer Schulze travelled from out of state for her mother’s funeral with daughter Kaity.

Jennifer & Kaity Schulze, Mother and Daughter said, “It really helps to have each other for support and love – and a dog too. Absolutely.”

A welcome reprieve from the pain of grief. A dog teaching the value of togetherness. Bringing a sense of peace, just by being present.

Jody Tierney, “And through her presence she hopefully will alleviate some of the pain and suffering people are going through.”